University of Western Cape (UWC)

  • University of Western Cape (UWC)

Basic info:

With the motto of only two rhyming  words ,’Respice Prospice’. The university of Western Cape was established in 1959.  Accommodating more than 15 000 students, the beautiful campus situated in Bellvile Cape Town oozes the urban vibes ,which callS upon all young adrenaline academics from all over the country. Among its international achievements, UWC is the only African institution that is a member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, and was voted onto the OCWC board in 2007.For the university’s official website click here



Sports are everything to UWC, Varsity Cup sport just pumps their adrenaline to the edge, now imagine them playing their biggest enemies at their home ground. Watch the video below to help your imagination.