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The University of Pretoria is one of the top universities in South Africa. The University of Pretoria is situated in the eastern suburbs of South Africa’s expanding administrative capital, Tshwane in the Gauteng Province. The University places the highest premium on academic excellence and academic standards and combines world-class education with beautiful, safe and stable campus settings that allow our students to enjoy student life to the full.

The University is a values-based, research-intensive university which equips its students to succeed in a rapidly changing world by providing them with inquiry-led training and learning opportunities. It embodies the rich diversity and depth of South African society. UP aims to sustain its quality and relevance as a university firmly rooted in Africa, and to harness its existing and future diversity potential. At the same time, UP strives to ensure that it is recognised in the global marketplace of knowledge production.


The JuniorTukkie (JT) programme of the Client Service Centre at the University of Pretoria has been established to assist learners in Grades 10, 11 and 12 to make responsible study and career choices.

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Academic Faculties

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Funding Your Studies

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Minimum Requirements

  • Follow the link to check out the lowest marks you need to be considered for your chosen degree: Minimum requirements.

The Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, fondly referred to as the TuksRes family, is a stand-alone business unit, with various management teams serving residence students. TuksRes offers an on-campus living environment that supports each student’s academic experience at the University of Pretoria. TuksRes strives towards creating a community that fosters safety, security, personal development, growth and the rendering of professional services more information, visit here residence.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest student governance structure at the University of Pretoria. It manages student matters and represents students on University committees and forums where decisions are made. SRC representatives serve a one-year term of office. The SRC plays a key role in the coordination of organised student life and must ensure that the extracurricular programme contributes to the overall development of students. The SRC also fulfils an important communication function – on the one hand conveying student needs and interests to the University Management, and on the other hand reporting progress to the student body.


Up students, like all students, enjoy a good party. There are a couple of nearby clubs and lots of pubs within walking distance. One of the best times to party is during RAG week. The residence students go crazy during this time. If don’t believe us have a look at this video.

How to Apply

We will post a video and step by step instruction soon


  • BCom-Accounting
  • BEng-Civil
  • MBChB (Medicine)
  • BSc
  • LLB
  • BA
  • Residence
  • Meals

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