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University of Cape Town

Claim to Fame:

UCT is the highest ranked university in Africa, making it the African hub for international students and lecturers alike. Due to its international connections, there are many opportunities for students to travel the world to take part in youth forums and debates. UCT takes pride in its vast array of clubs, societies and social initiatives; like SHAWCO and RAINBOW. The university also wins awards for being one of the World’s most beautiful campuses. This is a varsity for the cosmopolitan student who values diversity and a quality education.


UCT has an extremely high academic standard, which demands that you work consistently and hard from the beginning – never allow yourself to fall behind. Tip: Most lecturers do not care for first years, but never be afraid to ask questions (but not too many… it’s time you shed that nerdy exterior and join the ranks of the understated varsity geniuses)

 What’s on Offer?

Commerce – Accounting, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Economics & Law, Marketing, Organisational Psychology, Statistical Sciences. Link to commerce faculty.

Engineering & the Built Environment – Architecture and Planning, Civil Engineering, Construction Studies, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Geomatics, Property Studies, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics. Link to Engineering & the Built Environment. 

Health Science – Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Medicine (MBChB). Link to Health Science faculty.

Humanities – Archaeology, Dance, Drama, Economics, English Language & Literature, Environmental & Geographical Sciences, Film & Media, Fine Art, Gender Studies, History, Languages & Literature, Law, Linguistics, Music, Organisational Psychology, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Anthropology, Social Development, Social Work, Sociology. Link to Humanities faculty.

Law – Basic Legal Educational Program (you specialise in postgraduate studies), School for Advanced Legal Studies. Link to Law faculty.

Science – Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental & Geographical Science, Geological Science, Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, Molecular & Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Human Bioscience, Oceanography, Physics, Statistical Sciences, Zoology. Link to Science faculty.

Funding Your Studies

Follow the link for information on bursaries, student loans and grants.

Admission Requirements

UCT uses the “Admissions Points Score (APS)” system to calculate your academic score which they use during the selection process. You can also use your APS to see if you meet the minimum requirements to be considered for your chosen degree. This is how it works:

1) Use only your top 6 subjects – excluding Life Orientation (you only need to get 50% for LO), and at least two languages (a First Language and a First Additional language).

* English should be either your First Language, or your First Additional Language.

2) Calculate the score of each subject – 7 points for a mark between 80% and 100%. 6 points for a mark between 70% and 79%. 5 points for a mark between 60% and 69%. 4 points for a mark between 50% and 59%. 3 points for a mark between 40% and 49%. You will get no points for a subject, if you get a mark lower than 40%.

3) Add your 6 scores together

NOTE: Even though the APS system seems to make 80% equal to 100%, don’t be lazy; go for the highest mark you can, because that could make all the difference!

NOTE: Choosing your “race” – When you look at the entrance requirements to get into UCT; the wording changes, but, basically, the marks that you need to get into your chosen degree are:

– highest for White and “Open category” students,

– moderate for Indian and Chinese students, and

– lowest for the Coloured and Black students.


• Unless you are “White”, don’t classify yourself in the “Open category” – your chances of getting accepted will be reduced.

• If, for example, your mother is “White” and your father is “Indian”, classify yourself as “Coloured” – work the system to your advantage.

• You have the right to classify yourself as whichever race you choose, it is up to the university to prove you wrong…


Minimum Admission Requirements

Click on the faculty to check out the lowest marks you need to be considered for your chosen degree: see “What’s on offer”. (Again, your marks must be higher than the minimum required to get accepted)



UCT breaks its residences into three tiers (first, second and third). All first years go into First Tier Residences, and every First Tier residence is catered by Fedex – you have to pay for a meal plan (most students choose BAD – breakfast and dinner – because it is the most cost effective).

 Top First Tier Residences

Follow the link for more information about UCT residences

Fuller Hall (women) & Smut’s Hall (men) – are the only residences located on Upper Campus, which is extremely convenient, and you are quite likely to get a large single room.

Vareitas (co-ed res, but 3 person apartments are shared by same sex students) – with house members playing soccer in the central lawn every evening, Varietas has one of the best vibes. First year students are almost guaranteed to share a room in a 3 person apartment, with the second year student living in a single. The three of you will share a kitchen and bathroom, however Fedex still caters. You have to catch the Jammie Shuttle to campus, unless you really like walking.

Clarendon (men) & Carinus (women) – is within walking distance of the medical school. The guys and girls share a dining hall and ball room, but security is strict and all visitors have to be out of Carinus by 11:30pm (Clarendon is not quite as strict…). You are very likely to get your own large room in this res, but you cannot walk to Upper Campus, so catching the Jammie Shuttle is essential.

Tugwell Hall (women) Leo Marquard Hall (men) – the tampon towers! Expect to stay in a tiny room, probably sharing… unlucky! But it is not all bad news, the tampon towers are centrally located; close to all the shops and clubs on Main Road, and the Jammie Shuttle visits regularily.

Rochester (co-ed) – close to the medical school, great if you plan on being a doc or physio, and close to the Anzio Rd shopping center.

Kopano (men) – great men’s res with access to many facilities, centrally located on Lower Campus… be prepared to host an awesome foam party and serenade every girls res at 4am during O-week – shirts are coming off!!

Graca Machel Hall (women) – this modern res is centrally located next to Tugwell, so Jammie Shuttles come regularly, and you can easily walk the attractions on Main Rd. Expect to share a rather small room with another first year.


Getting into Residence

If you want to be considered for a place in Res, you need to indicate that on your application form, and submit all of your information to UCT before 30 September 2013.

UCT does not have a ‘first come first serve” policy (Other Universities do, so check them out on this site). UCT takes three things into consideration:

1. Your proximity to Cape Town (if you can commute to UCT every day, then you will not be accepted into res)

2. Your marks (The higher the better)

3. Your race (If you are a Black or Coloured student, odds are in your favour to get into a UCT res. If you are Indian or Chinese, you will need above average marks to get in. If you are a White or “Open Category” student, you will only get into res if your marks are in the top 10% of students within your chosen faculty – you should get in with an average of 75%)



UCT has very high academic fees – you are paying for the prestigious brand.

Application Fee: R100.00

First Year Tuition Fees:

BCom Financial Accounting – R41 000

BSc Civil Engineering – R46 000

MBChB (Medicine) – R52 000

LLB (Law) – R38 500

BSc – R40 500

Residence Fee:

Double room, per person (lowest fee of all residences) – R28 200

Single room (highest fee of all residences) – R40 300

Catering Fee:

3 meals/day for 7 days/week – R14 300 per semester

(There are cheaper catering options, see the link bellow)

Follow this link for a comprehensive list of all UCT fees:

Financial Aid:

Different Faculties offer fee rebates based on your final Matric marks; you do not apply for this scholarship – the university will contact you via post. Call (021 650 3545) or email UCT’s Financial Aid at office to discuss your prospects. Or follow the link for more information on UCT financial Aid.



Shuttle Service

UCT has a comprehensive shuttle service – the Jammie Shuttle. It is available to all students and staff, 7 days a week, and travels to and from every residence and campus. During the week, Jammies are punctual and frequent, however the weekend Jammies are not so reliable, but you are allowed to flag one down on Saturdays and Sundays. Follow the link for Jammie Shuttle Route Maps and Time Tables

First Years & Cars

Sorry… NO FIRST YEARS are given parking discs to park inside UCT, nor are they allowed to park their car inside a UCT residence. However, you are allowed a car from second year onwards.


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  1. When do i find out if I am accepted into UCT? I am currently a law student in Australia and have applied to UCT to complete my LLB there in 2017. I just need to know when to expect the good news (or bad, but hopefully not) so I can prepare myself to move and try work something out for accommodation if my res application is rejected.
    The suspense is killing me.

  2. When is the closing date for applying I want to apply with my grade 11june results in case to have a vacancy in 2018

    1. Dear Peggy .. follow this link to see the main dates of UCT..
      The closing dates for applying to study a degree is 30 September.

  3. I want to get into medicine and I’m choosing my subjects this year my school only offers Hebrew English and Afrikaans and I’m planning on taking the main 4 (maths , Lo, English , Afrikaans ) and taking History science and bio but I want to drop Hebrew can I be accepted with only taking two languages

  4. I’ve applied to UCT however i can’t seem to find the information as to where and how to pay. PLEASE email me some information. I’d really appreciate that

  5. I am Miss Chambuka Lorraine and
    would like to study at your institution for the academic year 2014,could you please post me your application forms on this postal address: P.O BOX 195 .LENYENYE 0857.THANK YOU

    1. Hi Chambuka, We are not part of UCT. We have just summarized all the important information. In order to apply just follow the applications link at the top of the page. Good luck

    1. Hi Maluleque 🙂 UCT’s applications open on the 1st of April and we recommend that you apply online then (follow the link on our page). If you want to apply by filling out and posting an application form, then you can download the application form off their website from 01/04/2013. UCT has a generic application form, so you can apply for any degree on the same form, however the Health Science Department at UCT periodically changes their application requirements, so you may be required to fill in additional documentation (such as leadership roles or community service), we will let you know if that is the case when applications open. Best of luck, we really hope you get in!

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