Job Description

A Stockbroker will work with a range of clients, from individuals to stockbrokerlarge companies. Their role is to manage and look after their clients investments. They will also advice clients on when to buy or sell their stocks or shares. The average stock broker does not lead a life remotely close to The Wolf of Wall Street lifestyle.

Stockbrokers and are responsible for:

  • Providing investment advice and recommendations.
  • Monitoring South African and foreign stock market performance.
  • Purchasing new share issues.
  • Interpreting financial reports.
  • Administering and evaluating clients’ investment holdings.
  • Persuading clients to buy or sell.

How to qualify

You can be a broker with a degree or a diploma. There are different kinds of brokers which require different degrees  and diplomas.


BCom or qualification as a chartered accountant + Stock Exchange Exam.

  •  Analyst: A degree plus working experience in the relevant economic sector.
  •  Institutional Dealer; International Arbitrageur: BCom with Finance or Economics.
  • Strategist (Derivative Department): BCom with Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Physics; or an Engineering degree; or a MBA degree; or any financial degree.
  • Corporate Finance Department: Qualification as a chartered accountant; or a Law degree; or a BSc degree.
  • Administration Department: Any financial degree.

Any business or financial diploma, depending on the field to be pursued, is suitable for work in the Administration Department.

Where To Study

Almost all Universities /University of technology  offer one these diplomas or degrees. Some famous ones include

University of Technologies

Potential Employers

  • JSE
  • Stockbroking firms
  • Start own broking firms Employers
What does a stock broker do?