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Language/s of Instruction: ENGLISH/AFRIKAANS

Opening Date for Applications:  March 2014 Apply

Closing Dates for Applications: May 2014 – MBChB (medicine).

June 2014 – All other programmes (including Allied Health Sciences) and Residence Applications.

September 2014– Late Applications and Change of Study Programme (subject to availability).

Follow the link bellow for more information on closing dates.

National Benchmark Tests: ALL PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS MUST WRITE THE NBT’s before they register at Stellenbosch. Prospective Health Science and Law students MUST write the NBT’s before 30 June 2013.

Contact Details: Dial 021 808 9111 for General Enquiries, or email them at  For an extensive list of contact details, follow the link.


Claim to Fame: One of the top universities in the country; Stellenbosch is a favourite choice for many SA matrics. The university is known for its small town varsity vibe, with epic nightly parties and regular Matie migrations down to the Mother City’s Long Street clubs. The area around campus, known as MatieLand, is very safe and full of private residences and the academic standard is always kept high.



The academic level at Stellenbosch is highly reputable, and any degree from this university will be taken seriously by prospective employers. Just be careful to make sure that your night-life doesn’t impact your studies.


What’s on Offer?

Click on each faculty heading for more information.

AgriSciencesAgricultural Economics and Management, Animal Production Systems, Conservation Ecology, Food & Wine Production Systems, Forestry and Wood Sciences, Agricultural Production & Management, Plant & Soil Sciences.

Arts & Social Sciences – BA: Humanities, Language & Culture, Social Dynamics, Development & the Environment, Human Resource Management, International Studies, Law, Music, Political Philosophical & Economic Studies, Psychology, Socio-Informatics, Sports Science, Decision Making & Knowledge Management, Visual Arts. B: Drama & Theatre Studies, Music, Social Work. Diploma: Practical Music. Higher Certificate: Music.

Economic & Management Sciences – BComm: Economic Sciences, Law, Management Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Actuarial Science, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Industrial Psychology. BAccLLB (Law & Accounting).

Science – BSc: Biodiversity & Ecology, Human Life Sciences, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Sport Science, Geoinformatics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, Mathematical Sciences.

Education – BEd (General Education), (PGCE) Postgraduate General Certificate in Education.

EngineeringChemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial, Mechanical, Mechatronic.

Medicine & Health SciencesBSc: Dietetics, Physiotherapy. B: Speech-Language & Hearing Therapy, Occupational Therapy. MBChB (Medicine).

LawBA (law), BComm (law), LLB (4 year), BAccLLB (5 year Law & Accounting), LLB (as a second, 3 year Bachelor’s Degree).

Military ScienceBMil: Human & Organisation Development, Organisation & Resource Management, Technology, Technology & Defence Management, Security & Africa Studies.

TheologyBTh (Bachelor of Theology), BDiv (Bachelor of Divinity).


Admission Requirements

Stellenbosch uses your NSC aggregate during their selection process, but also utilise the APS point system to indicate subject specific minimum requirements. This is how APS points are allocated: 0%-29% = 1           30%-39% = 2           40%-49% = 3           50%-59% = 4           60%-69% = 5                  70%-79% = 6           80%-100% = 7


Minimum Admission Requirements

Follow the link to check out the lowest marks you need to be considered for your chosen degree:

Keep in mind that it is extremely unlikely that you will be accepted into your chosen degree if you only meet the minimum admission requirements, so work hard and max your marks!



Stellenbosch has great residences, and everyone wants in, so apply early and get good high school results in order to reserve your space.



Follow the link for a list and description of all Stellenbosch Residences.

STELLENBOSCH RESIDENCES – are for all Stellenbosch students. There are two co-ed residences, 12 Women’s residences and 9 Men’s residences. All are good. There are also private residences that you can apply for, if you are not accepted into a university residence (see the link above).

 TYGERBERG RESIDENCES – are for Health Science students only. However, a place in a Health Science degree does not guarantee a place in residence on Tygerberg. If you get into res at Stellenbosch, but have applied to study a Health Science degree, you will first be offered a place in res on the main campus (Stellenbosch). Thereafter, once you have been accepted into Health Science, you will able to transfer your place in residence: from Stellenbosch to Tygerberg (subject to availability at Tygerberg).


Getting into Residence

MAJOR TIP: If your first choice degree at Stellenbosch is a “selection programme”, i.e.: there are a limited number of places available into that degree, then you MUST apply for a “non-selection programme” (like a BA, or BSocSci) as your second choice. This is because Stellenbosch only allocates a place for you in residence, IF you have ALREADY been PROVISIONALLY ACCEPTED to study any programme at the university. Places in “selection programmes” are only decided upon after their closing date, and by then all places in residence will be gone.

After you have been accepted into a study programme at Stellenbosch, places in residence are given according to the following percentages:

35% – excellence (your academic performance).

30% – in order of priority: candidates with disabilities or who are black, coloured or Indian.

15% – random selection.

12% – residences nominate 10 places.

8% – vice-rector’s choice (via the Sport Bureau, Dept. of Visual Arts, and Stellenbosch Foundation (SU donors)).

We recommend that you study hard to be a part of the top 35% – it is the only guarantee.



Stellenbosch is quite an expensive university, but definitely cheaper than UCT. It is one of the top institutes in the country, so the fees are justifiable.

Application Fee:  R100.00

First Year Tuition Fee:

BCom Actuarial Sciences – R39 894

BSc Civil Engineering – R38 369

MBChB (Medicine) – R43 149

LLB (Law) – R33 686

BSc – R35 382

Follow the link to request a personal preliminary fees statement (quote) for your first year of study in 2014.

Residence Fee:

Double room, per person – R21 740 (Sonop), R23 860 (all other Women’s Residences), R24 370 (all Men’s and Co-ed Residences).

Single room – R28 960 (All Women’s Residences), R29 650 (All Men’s & Co-ed Residences).

Follow the link for a detailed list of residence fees.

 Catering Fee:

3 meals/day for 7 days/week – R10 797 to R10 980 per semester

Follow the link for a breakdown of catering fees at Stellenbosch.


Financial Aid:

If you need Financial Aid, you will have to call Stellenbosch at 021 808 9111. Stellenbosch Automatically Allocates Bursaries to students who have achieved excellent results in matric: 40% of your tuition fees will be taken off if you achieve a final aggregate of 85% (excluding LO), with more being taken off for higher aggregates. You can also apply for sports bursaries by calling 021 808 4642 or emailing For a list of all bursaries you can apply for from Stellenbosch, follow the link.




Shuttle Service

Stellenbosch is trying out a comprehensive shuttle service, which takes students to and from both campuses and all outlying residences. Your student card allows you access onto the bus. Follow the link for shuttle routes and schedules.


First Years & Cars

There is no policy against first years having cars at Stellenbosch, however parking on campus and at residence is limited.



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