South African National Defense Force

Job Description

The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) is divided into 4 sadfsectors within itself, namely: the South African Army, the South African Navy, the South African Air Force and The South African Military Health Service. It also has another separated sector called The Civilian Sector.

How to qualify

The SA Army, through its Military Skills Development System (MSDS), offers young South African citizens an opportunity to serve in uniform over a two-year period. The Military Skills Development System is a two-year voluntary service system with the long term goal of enhancing the SA National Defense Force’s deployment capability.

MSDS Candidates will be appointed in a specific corps career and will be called up to a Training Unit, where members will complete their Basic Military Training and Corps Functional Training in the first year and be utilized and deployed in the second year of the MSDS.


Be a SA Citizen

MSDS Applicants must be between the ages of 18-22 years

MSDS Graduates up to the age of 25 years

Successfully completed Grade 12

Not be area bound

Have no record of criminal offense

Preferably Single

Comply with medical fitness requirements for appointment in the SANDF

Be prepared to serve in uniform, undergo Basic Military and Functional Train.