Science exam booster!

We have endorsed Science Clinic’s booster sessions since last year, as an invaluable aid for exam preparation. These guys host solid lecture-style Physics and Chemistry workshops for Grade 11’s and Matrics, to boost your performance in the Science Exams. So, this is the breakdown:

* They have a solid team of Science teachers present interactive lectures on all the examinable theory, and to work through exam questions.

* Teaching assistants that give more intensive one-on-one support during the question and answer sessions.

* Smart Prep Books are given to students during the workshops – these books have one page summaries of all the sections of all work. The Science Clinic team wrote the books for two reasons: to provide a structure for you to study, and to make the learning process easier.

The workshops are presented on Saturdays before the June exams, before the Prelims, and before the final exams. The aim is to give you an opportunity for hard-core revision, and to practice exam questions. If you want to sign up for the workshops or learn more, just click here