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Language/s of Instruction: ENGLISH

Follow the link for an Application Form, which must be sent to Rhodes by post once completed.

Closing Dates for Applications:

September 2014 – All programs (R100 application fee)
October 2014 – All programs (R175 late application fee)
For more information on closing dates, and how to fill in your application form, follow the link.

National Benchmark Tests:

It is NOT compulsory for learners to write the National Benchmark Tests for admission to Rhodes University, but it is advisable that you to do so if you do not meet the minimum admission requirements.

Contact Details:

Dial 046 603 8276 for the Student Bureau

Claim to Fame:

Rhodes is a small university, with only 7 300 students. This results in the best student to lecturer ratio out of all SA universities, with the small classes making for a smooth transition between high school and university. Pharmacy and Journalism are Rhodes’s top performing faculties, drawing students from all over the country and the rest of the world. On the fun side: since Grahamstown is located far away from anything interesting, like the ocean and other forms of humanity, Rhodes students have a reputation for filling their time with booze and bongs… and don’t forget the Grahamstown Arts Festival!


Rhodes has a good academic reputation and their small classes, with a staff student ration of 1:15, mean that you only have yourself to blame if you fail a course. The only Health Science course offered at Rhodes is Pharmacy, but the Pharmacy department is excellent! Many fine artists and journalists have also come out of Rhodes. If you are worried that you lack the discipline study in a lecture hall of 350+ other students; Rhodes is the place for you.

What’s on Offer?

Click on the Faculty heading for more information on the courses offered.

COMMERCE – B: Business Science, Commerce, Economics.

EDUCATION – National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE).
Bachelor of Education (BEd): Foundation/Intermediate Phase, Senior/FET Phase.
Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE): Early Childhood Development, School Leadership, Education Leadership & Management, English Language Teaching, Environmental Education, (Advanced Certificate in Environmental Education), Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase, Information & Communication Technology, Mathematics Education, Life Orientation, Mathematics Literacy, Science Education, Technology Education.

HUMANITIES – Anthropology, Drama, English, English Language & Linguistics, Fines Art, History, Music, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Languages, Journalism.


PHARMACY – BSc Pharmacy.

SCIENCE – Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Information Systems, Geography, Geology, Environmental Science, Botany, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Entomology, Ichthyology, Mathematics , Statistics, Human Kinetics and Ergonomics , Economics, Psychology.

Admission Requirements

Rhodes calculates your admission points score as follows: Your top 6 subjects are taken into account; these must include Maths or Maths Lit, your First Language and your First Additional Language (LO and Maths Paper 3 are not awarded any points). Divide each mark by 10, and round off to the 1st decimal place. For example:
Subject:                                                           Result:                   Rhodes Points:
English Home Language                              81%                     8.1
Afrikaans First Add Language                  69%                    6.9
Mathematics                                                      75%                      7.5
Maths Paper 3                                                   59%                       0
Life Orientation                                               90%                        0
History                                                                  88%                       8.8
Life Science                                                        78%                       7.8
Accounting                                                         85%                      8.5
TOTAL:                                                                                              47.6

Minimum Admission Requirements

Follow the link to check out the lowest marks you need to be considered for your chosen degree:
Keep in mind that it is unlikely that you will be accepted into your chosen degree if you only meet the minimum admission requirements, so work hard and max your marks!


Grahamstown is a varsity town, so most areas are safe and full of students. Rhodes residences are located all over Grahamstown, and if you don’t get into res, there are plenty of private accommodation options.


Follow the link for a list of all Rhodes’ Residences.

Rhodes is located at the top of a hill… and some residences are located at the bottom of that hill: follow the link for an overhead map of Rhodes Campus and Residences, so that you can figure out where to stay.

Getting into Residence

Most students who apply get into residence at Rhodes: the earlier you apply, and the better your marks, the better your chances.


Rhodes is quite an expensive university, but you do get value for money if you thrive in small classes. Follow this link for a comprehensive breakdown of Fees at Rhodes:

Application Fee:

R100.00 (or R175 for an application between 30/09/2013 to 31/10/2013)

First Year Tuition Fee:

BCom Accounting Sciences – R34 700
BSc Civil Engineering – Not Offered
MBChB (Medicine) – Not Offered, However Pharmacy – R32 900 to R39 500
LLB (Law) – R33 770
BSc – R32 900

Residence Fee:

All room are single rooms, fees change based on the residence’s desirability and proximity to campus: R41 300 – R43 400

Catering Fee:

Students who live off campus: R10.00 per breakfast meal, R24.65 per lunch/dinner meal.
Catering fee is included in residence fee.

Financial Aid:

Rhodes has an Academic Merit Award Scheme, where it awards a student anything from R25 890 to Full Tuition based on academic performance (a minimum Rhodes Score of 47.0 is required). To receive other Financial Aid, indicate your need on your application form.


Most students walk to and from campus, and it is safe to do so.

First Years & Cars

All students at Rhodes are allowed to park their cars on campus and at their residence.



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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know the waiting period to find out your admission status? I applied for a BSc in Mathematical Science on the 5th of April and I am still waiting. The anxiety is killing me.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi this is Kelebogile I’m currently in grade 11 and I wanted to study medicine but Im not doing physics just life sciences and because I do accounting and core maths I’m wondering if you offer bursaries for bachelors of accounting science

  3. Hi my name Zukhanye am currently doing grade 12 and I want to do bcom Accounting at Rhode next year. Can someone please tell me the requirements .

  4. Hi I’m a grade 12 student and would love to study at Rhodes! I want to do Journalism and Art, could you please send me the set requirements for these courses ?

  5. Hi I’m doing matric and I’d really love to study at rhodes next year the course I want is LLB ,I want to know the set requirements for this course

    1. Hi Itumeleng, all the BA courses don’t require maths. Basically the only courses you wont be able to do are BSc’s and some Bcom’s. Good luck for your 2014 matric year

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