A pilot is someone who is in the aviation industry, and who is able to pilotoperate aircraft in order to transport passengers or goods from one location to another. They are employed by commercial airlines, corporations, or governments. In some cases, pilots are self-employed or work for an individual to provide private transport in small aircraft or private jets. Aviation is a diverse career field with many opportunities in both the public and private sectors and even opportunities to work in an educational setting.

Where To Study

Private Pilot: The training for a private pilot can be done at numerous licensed flying clubs or schools, it consists of :

  • Theoretical training
  • Practical training
  • At least 40 flying hours.

After completion of the course, a Private Pilot License (PPL) is obtained which entitles the pilot to fly for recreational purposes but not for money or any reward.

Professional Pilot: qualified private pilots may enroll at certain advanced flying schools to receive training as a commercial pilot and qualified commercial pilots may receive training toward obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot’s License.

* Stellenbosch Flying Club

* Cape Town Flying Club

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How to become a Pilot?