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Hi SA Matrics,

Half way there: We wish you the best of luck for your mid-year exams. These are important! So study hard, check out our subject summaries and work through the past papers.

Calling on the Troops: To all of those courageous enough to write the early NBTs: we are calling on you for help. If each of you can remember just one question from the MAT paper, and post then it on our NBT page, we can compile the first ever “NBT past paper” for you guys to study from. Every location around the country will write a different NBT, so the compilation will be epic. Keep in mind that if you flunk your first NBT, you can always rewrite it later on… and by then, if all goes according to plan, we will have something for you to study from. So spread the word and get your mates involved, so that we can defeat the NBTs!

Reminder: To those of you who haven’t applied for varsity yet – get straight onto it! The sooner you apply, the greater your chances are of getting provisionally accepted, especially if you want to get into res.

Sharin the love: If you find helpful, please like us on facebook and tell all your mates about us.

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Results on the polls

  • 83% say yes to sex before marriage.
  • 17% say no to sex before marriage.
  • 50% agree that the death penalty should be brought back.
  • 33% agree, but only for repeat offenders.
  • 17% disagree.
  • 75% say that evolution has a place in SA education.

If you are feeling down after all the studying, watch this video on YouTube,  its the cutest thing you will ever see!


Upcoming events

Welcome to maxmatric!

Here are a list of the important dates that you need to know.

University Applications

University of Pretoria, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and Stellenbosch University all open for application on 1 March 2013. Look at our universities page for more information.

Residence applications also open on 1 March. If you want to be placed in a residence, it is important to apply as soon as possible.


NBT’s are approaching too. See our NBT page for advice, dates and test venues.

Social Events

Skrillex Mothership SA Tour

The world-renowned DJ, Skrillex, is making an appearance at 3 major cities in South Africa. Here are the details you need to know:

  • Cape Town Ostrich Ranch, Cape Town – Western Cape on Friday 01 March
  • H20 At Wild Waters, Johannesburg And Reef – Gauteng on Saturday 02 March
  • The Wave House, Gateway, Durban – Kwazulu-Natal on Sunday 03 March

Tickets range from R300-R2000 depending on the venue and the class of the ticket. No under 18’s are allowed.

Book tickets here

R Kelly South Africa Tour

RnB singer R-Kelly is gracing us with his presence in March 2013! See below for the down-low on his tour.

  • Orlando Stadium, Johannesburg And Reef – Gauteng on Thursday 21 March
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban – Kwazulu-Natal on Saturday 23 March

Ticket prices are between R477-R901 depending on the ticket class.

Book tickets here




The National Benchmark Tests

The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs)

The NBTs where established by the University of Cape Town. They were created to determine which of their applicants had the greatest chance of succeeding at university. The tests are designed to evaluate the true Mathematical and English levels of learners, as they focus on understanding rather than recall.

The tests are now used by all major Universities and are required for some bursary applications. In conjunction with your school marks, the universities will also consider your NBT results when considering your application. ALL applicants need to write the AQL (Academic and Quantitative Literacy Test) test, but only certain courses require applicants to also write the mathematics test. If you are unsure as to which career you will follow, rather write both tests to be safe. If you want to do medicine, engineering or a BSc your chances of acceptance will dramatically improve if you own these tests. Hopefully this page will help you do that.

How to Prepare Continue reading “The National Benchmark Tests” »