NBT Preparation: Courses & Resources

Advantage Learn

Offer online NBT training for MAT (Mathematics), QL (Quantitive Literacy) and AL (Academic Literacy) as well as NBT Workshops for MAT only! Their courses focus on core concepts likely to be tested in the NBT. It also focuses on training in answering multiple-choice questions. There are downloadable notes, 15+ hours worth of videos, section quizzes and live chat with a teacher where you can ask questions. Advantage Learns a NBT Workshops are found around the country. Click on the image below for more information.Adavantage Learn NBT Banner

Purple Pepper Maths

They have an awesome NBT preparation work book (with model answers) published in English and Afrikaans and available in hard copy or as an eBook. Purple Pepper Maths also offer training courses in both languages in a number of cities in South Africa as well as in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Click on the image below for more information.

Purple Pepper BOOKS

 Academic Magic

Magic Camel Communications offers three-hour academic and quantitative literacy (AQL) workshops to prepare you for the NBT. You will be able to assess and receive feedback on your academic language ability. Included is a workbook with model questions and answers for you to practise. The quality of the academic literacy tests derives from the creative designs and practical experience of a team of experts from several South African universities.

To learn more about the books click the images below. You can also buy them at Protea bookshops or order directly from Dawid Pretorius.


To learn more about the workshops, click the Magic Camel logo below.