Automotive mechanics, also known as automotive service technicians, inspect, diagnose, repair and service automobiles and trucks as well as  other modes of transportation. They work for companies that maintain fleets of vehicles, as well as service stations, transportation companies and companies that make motor vehicles.

Automotive mechanics work with the vehicle’s hardware – the body, tires, parts, etc – as well as the software – the electronics and onboard computers in modern vehicles.

Some of the routine tasks for an automotive mechanic are road testing vehicles and using computers to test automotive systems and components. They repair or replace parts such as the fuel system, brakes, engine, drive train and air conditioning. They also perform basic jobs like tune ups, oil changes and lubrication.

How To Qualify

You need to study a National Certificate: Engineering Studies – Motor Mechanics N1-N3 – duration is 24 months

Where To Study

You can study at numerous FET colleges all over South Africa i.e INTEC College,Damelin, Vhembe FET college and many more.