Job Description

A lawyer is a licensed professional entitled to draw up wills, suits_181el3e-181el3gcontracts and other legal documents, to offer legal advice and opinions, and to prosecute or defend people in law courts. They work for private law firms, legal aid, as Crown prosecutors, or in offices at the federal, provincial and municipal level of government, as well as for businesses. It is not like Suits.

How to qualify

The only academic qualification that is presently recognized for the purpose of admission as an attorney is an LLB degree (the course duration of which is not less than four years) obtained at any university in The Republic.

Where To Study

* Rhodes University

* University of Witwatersrand

* University of Kwazulu Natal

* University of Johannesburg

* University of Limpopo

* University of the Free State

* University of Cape Town

* Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

* North West University

* Rhodes University

* University of Venda

* University of South Africa