A Game Ranger is responsible for the management of the game reserve.  They work with ecologists, game reserve and wildlife managers. They manage animal populations and check for diseases.

  • they manage nature reserves in a sustainable manner
  • study, take notes and report on natural happenings in the park
  • collect samples and related information
  • make sure park rules are obeyed
  • control threats, for example poaching
  • promote and protect all natural resources e.g. water
  • educate the public
  • talk to local communities

How to Qualify

You need a 3 year National Diploma in Game Ranch Management.

Where to Study

Some primary owned game farms and colleges offer courses in Game Ranging, Kruger National  Park, In conjunction with Pathfinders , offers a course.

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Potential Employer

  • National Parks
  •  private game farms
  •  private game reserves
  •  government parks
  •  provincial conservation organisations