English Notes

Need to know: The poems, novels and dramas have not changed for the 2014 November Exams. So check out the past papers! 

Summaries and Guidelines

English Paper 1 Guidelines
Guidelines for writing English Essays & Transactional Texts
Proverto Study Guide 2015

Novels / Drama

There are five prescribed texts. You need to be able to answer questions on one novel and one drama.

Novels                                                                   Drama
Animal Farm                                                   The Crucible
The Great Gatsby                                       Othello
Pride and Prejudice

There are 15 prescribed poems. You can be asked questions on any of them.
Sonnet 30. When to the sessions
When I have fears that I may cease to be
To a small boy who died in Diepkloof Reformatory
The wild doves at Louis Trichardt
The Hollow Men
Rugby League Game
On the move
Old folks laugh
Lake morning in autumn
In detention
A young man’s thoughts before June the 16th
An abandoned bundle

IEB only Poems

IEB Poems




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