How to qualify?

There are two routes that can be taken. You can either go to university or technikon.

University: It is tough to get accepted into engineering. For most universities the minimum APS points required is 36. You also have to get an A for Maths and a B for Science, or the other way round. The degree takes a minimum of four years to complete. The first two years of studies will be very similar no matter what type of engineering you choose, so it is very easy to switch to another type of engineering. You will do lots of maths and the basics of all disciplines of engineering. UCT, Tuks and Stellies all have great engineering faculties.

Technikons: It is a lot easier to get into a technikon. All you need is to pass matric with a National Diploma with a D in maths and science. If you fail to meet these requirements there are bridging causes that can gain you entry. The diploma takes three years to complete and the course is specialized from the beginning. The first two years consist of lectures and the final year is work experience. You get paid during this final period. Most technikons offer engineering, however DUT and CPUT are highly rated.

Where to study



1. University of Pretoria

2. University of Cape Town

3. Stellenbosch University

4. Rhodes University

5. University of Western Cape

6. University of Free State

7. University of fort Hare

8. North-West University

9. Witwatersrand University

10. University of Johannesburg


Universities of Technology

1.  Tshwane University of Technology

2. Durban University of Technology

3. Cape Peninsula University of Technology

4.  Central University of Technology

5. Mangosuthu University of technology

6. Vaal University of Technology

7. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Funding Your Studies

The sad reality is that you have to pay for tertiary education and it is very expensive 🙁 Luckily there are many options out there, read our article “Funding Your Studies”  to find out all the info regarding bursaries, student loans and government grants.


Mechanical Engineer Salary

Civil Engineer Salary

Chemical Engineer Salary

Industrial Engineer Salary

Mining Engineer Salary

Computer Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

Entry level for technikon graduates is R12,000 a month


No matter where you study, engineers will always be in demand worldwide and are able to emigrate if needed.

If you have any questions please ask and we will do our best to answer them.



3 thoughts on “Engineering”

  1. Im very interested in engineering(BEng), but I don’t wanna work so hard for peanuts. I want to know the average salary for experienced engineers, between 4-10years of experience?

    1. Hi Chris. Engineers are well paid in general. Depending on how well you do in your finial year at university you can expect a starting salary of R22,000-R35,000. This should grow to about R35,000-R50,000 after five years.

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