Job Description

Electricians are responsible for bringing electricity into living and Electricianworking places. They install and maintain the wiring, fuses, and the other mechanisms that electricity flows through. Many electricians also set up and maintain electrical equipment in factories. Electricians read blue prints to understand the location of outlets, circuits, panel boards, load centers, and other electrical equipment. Electricians are required to follow the National Electrical Code and local and state building codes to make sure the public is safe. Electricians connect all wire types to circuit breakers, outlets, transformers, and other components. They use many different specially designed connectors to join wires into boxes. They use a variety of equipment including screwdrivers, conduit benders, pliers, hacksaws, knives, wire strippers, saws and drills. They also use equipment to test the connections and to make sure the components are compatible and safe

How to qualify

You need to study a National Certificate in Engineering Studies – Electrical N1-N3 – the duration of the study is 24 months.

Where to study

Any FET offering this career, i.e INTEC College, Damelin etc.

The Salary