Drivers Licence

Your eighteenth birthday marks many new, exciting things; one of them being the chance to become a licensed driver. Passing the K53 test will be the beginning of your independence as a young adult and so it is important that you prepare yourself adequately for the big test day.

Driving lessons (find a school)

How many do I need?

It is recommended that you have 5-6 lessons with a good driving school (see our list of driving schools)

How many months before my test should I start taking lessons?

This really depends on how confident you are on the road. If you can drive confidently before you start taking lessons, you need to begin having lessons approximately 2-3 months before your test. If you can’t drive at all, give yourself 6-7 months before you intend on taking your test to allow yourself plenty of time for practicing.

Could I pass without taking lessons?

You may be a self-assured driver on the road, but driving the way your parents drive and driving the K53 way and two very different stories! It is highly unlikely you will pass without any lessons, so rather don’t chance fate and just give the driving school a call.

How much do lessons cost?

Depending on where you are, the experience and accreditation of your driving instructor, you could pay anywhere between R100-R220 per lesson.

What to look for in a driving school?

The best way to find out which driving school to choose, is simply to ask around. Find out how many others have passed with that driving school and how well prepared they felt before they took their tests. Ask others who have had lessons previously how comfortable they felt with the instructor and how helpful the instructor was.

Booking Procedure

Booking your drivers test makes the reality of passing or failing much clearer and brings nerves to the surface. Your test date is similar to a goal: you need to be a confident driver who is prepared to do the K53 test before this date. For that reason, it is a good idea to book your test about 1-2 months before you intend on being ready to reach your goal. This will help you concentrate and focus on passing.

Booking your drivers license test will involve you filling out a personal details form, an eye test and paying a fee.


What to take when you book

• 1 Certified copy of your ID

• Your real ID book

• R250- the cost of booking your test

• 3 standard ID photos

• Your learners license

• Glasses (if you wear)

Test day

Your drivers test is a big deal, so don’t worry if you are a bit nervous (most people are!)

Arrive about an hour early at the testing ground. This will give you time to see where the parking component will be done and to familiarize yourself with the surrounding area.

Your instructor will explain the process of the test to you before you begin. You will then do your exterior motor checks and proceed to the parking bay to do alley docking, a 3-point turn, parallel parking and a hill start. If you pass all of these, you will continue out to the road. If all goes well on the road, you will be told to return to the testing ground where the testing instructor will tell you your fate.

If you pass, you will receive a temporary driving license and pay an additional amount.

If you fail, you may re-book if you wish.

Remember, failing is not the end of the world. Hard work and perseverance are key! The most important factor is to relax.



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