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MaxMatric™ is for matrics by matrics, its kinda bad ass with one problem, the founders are now too old to party it up at rage and not look like cradle snatchers, such a pity. As a result we need your involvement to keep things fresh.

What we want is for you lot of bright, not so bright and creative matrics to get involved in writing articles, creating awesome notes and basically tell us everything you want some information about.

On top of the list are notes, any subject in any language. It’s not cheating just sharing. If you are one of the bright matrics (sorry the not so bright ones are gona have to sit this one out) please make some quality notes and send them to us at

The next thing of importance is entirely up to you. We want what you want so if you would like a new article to be written, like passing your learners, lets us know or even better start your journalism career and write it yourself.

How can you send us the goods? It’s easy, just send us the article or notes, in Microsoft Word format, to or contact us for some more information.

All those who contribute to MaxMatric™ have the option of uploading a profile which is great for getting your name and talents recognized on Google. View the contributor’s page to see for yourself.