Commercial Truck Driver


A career as a commercial truck driver can be physically challenging truckand require individuals to spend long periods away from home. Drivers who travel long distances have an opportunity to see the country and work independently for long periods of time. People in this occupation must be familiar with the rules and regulations governing commercial drivers and vehicles.

Responsibilities may include:

  • locally making deliveries to businesses or customer residences
  • Route drivers typically work the same path making distributions to retail establishments, such as grocery stores.
  • Pick-up and delivery drivers carry goods from a transport center to a business or private customer
  • Some commercial drivers specialize in carrying uncommon cargo, such as hazardous materials or cars.
  • Over-the-road, or long-haul, truck drivers carry merchandise over state lines. In some cases, these drivers travel a consistent route, but others may work a variety of routes all over the country.

Where To Study

You need to have your grade 8 and a relevant driving license. The following centres check the performance of the driver, upgrade skills accordingly and offer specialised courses for conveying hazardous substances:
The Operator Training Centre

  • Emthonjeni Training Centre
  • Bloemfontein Training Centre
  • Apex Group Training Centre
  • Driver Training Scheme at Luipaardsvlei


Potential Employers

  • transport companies
  • Spoornet
  • government departments
  • retail food chains
  • companies that need to transport goods
  • self-employment, with enough experience and capital, can buy own heavy vehicles to start own business