Clinical and Counselling Psychologist


Clinical psychologists use psychological therapies and procedures to help clients overcome a range of problems including depression, addiction, anxiety, challenging behavior, neurological disorders, serious and permanent mental illnesses and learning disabilities.

Typical responsibilities of the job include:

  • assessing clients’ behavior and needs via observation, interviews and psychometric tests
  • developing, administering and monitoring appropriate treatment therapies and strategies
  • undertaking research
  • writing reports
  • providing support and advice to carers
  • meeting, advising and liaising with other NHS professionals
  • helping clients to make positive changes to their lives


Where To Study

Degree: Training consists of 5 years of academic training at a university, with an internship of 12 months at an accredited institution. You will have to do your honoursĀ  in the field of Psychology to qualify.

1. University of South Africa

2. Monash University

3. University of Johannesburg

  1. NWU
  2. UCT

6. UFH

7. University of Free State

8. University of Pretoria

9. University of Zululand

10. University of Western Cape

11. University of Venda

12. University of Kwazulu Natal

13. Rhodes University

14. University of Witwatersrand

Potential Employers

  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • Psychiatric units
  • Hospitals
  • Mental health services
  • Health centres
  • Social services departments
  • universities and colleges
  • education departments as educational psychologists
  • government departments and SANDF
  • business and industries, as industrial psychologists
  • HSRC and CSIR
  • consulting agencies
  • private, public and psychiatric hospitals
  • community and rehabilitation clinics and other health care facilities
  • churches
  • correctional institutions
  • self-employment, in private practice