Agricultural Science


BSc(Agric) is a Bachelor of Science degree that has a focus on agriculture. Many of these degrees are in high demand around the world, and bursaries are Agricsience-pic-300x295easier to come by than for normal BSc’s. Agricultural Scientists have ample opportunity to work outdoors, in the laboratory or the desk with a team of people. Their work is imperative for food security, water security and the preservation of arable land. The most common agricultural science jobs are as follows:

  • Agronomists – focus on growing field crops (such as maize, wheat and soybean).
  •  Horticulturalists – focus on vegetable, fruit tree and flower production.
  •  Animal Scientists – focus on animal husbandry (some specialize in range land management).
  •  Soil Scientists – focus on soil nutrients, chemistry, physics or irrigation management.
  • Weed Scientists_ They work with herbicides, control of invader plants ,collection and description of weed species .
  •  Plant Pathologists – focus on the identification and control of plant diseases (plant doctors).
  • Forestry – focus on pine and eucalyptus plantations.
  •  Agricultural Economists – focus on the agricultural economy (work in banks, agri-business, etc.).



A degree in Agricultural Science is a BSc(Agric) that takes 4 years. Most are “honours inclusive”, so after your 4 years of undergraduate study, you can go straight into studying towards a Masters Degree. The Universities that offer Agricultural Science are as follows:

> University of Pretoria

> University of Stellenbosch

> University of the Free State

> North-West University

> University of KwaZulu-Natal 

> University of the Western Cape – Unfortunately does not offer this degree.

> University of Fort Hare

> University of Limpopo

> University of South Africa (UNISA)

> University of Venda

> University of Zululand

As well as many more Agricultural Colleges, some Universities of Technology, as well as “in house training” at various agricultural companies.

Funding Your Studies

The sad reality is that you have to pay for tertiary education and it is very expensive 🙁 Luckily there are many options out there, read our article “Funding Your Studies”  to find out all the info regarding bursaries, student loans and government grants.

Useful links

Salary (average) for: > Agronomist – R270 000

> Horticulture – R123 00

> Soil Scientist – R312 000

Potential Employers

Citrus Academy

> Hortgro

> Stark Ayres


> Pannar

> Omina

> Monsanto

And many more…



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