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MaxMatric™ is for matrics by matrics, its kinda bad ass with one problem, the founders are now too old to party it up at rage and not look like cradle snatchers, such a pity. As a result we need your involvement to keep things fresh.

What we want is for you lot of bright, not so bright and creative matrics to get involved in writing articles, creating awesome notes and basically tell us everything you want some information about.

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Science exam booster!

We have endorsed Science Clinic’s booster sessions since last year, as an invaluable aid for exam preparation. These guys host solid lecture-style Physics and Chemistry workshops for Grade 11’s and Matrics, to boost your performance in the Science Exams. So, this is the breakdown:

* They have a solid team of Science teachers present interactive lectures on all the examinable theory, and to work through exam questions.

* Teaching assistants that give more intensive one-on-one support during the question and answer sessions.

* Smart Prep Books are given to students during the workshops – these books have one page summaries of all the sections of all work. The Science Clinic team wrote the books for two reasons: to provide a structure for you to study, and to make the learning process easier.

The workshops are presented on Saturdays before the June exams, before the Prelims, and before the final exams. The aim is to give you an opportunity for hard-core revision, and to practice exam questions. If you want to sign up for the workshops or learn more, just click here

Finished at Last!

Well done for finally finishing your school days. We hope that it was an awesome phase of your life filled with experiences and friends that will last a life time.

Thank you for using We hope it was helpful and we would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give us. If any of you have notes that we can use for next year please send them to We would greatly appreciate it.

We wish you guys all the best for the future. Dream big and make it happen!

Sh*t’s gettin serious…

Hi SA Matrics,

Half way there: We wish you the best of luck for your mid-year exams. These are important! So study hard, check out our subject summaries and work through the past papers.

Calling on the Troops: To all of those courageous enough to write the early NBTs: we are calling on you for help. If each of you can remember just one question from the MAT paper, and post then it on our NBT page, we can compile the first ever “NBT past paper” for you guys to study from. Every location around the country will write a different NBT, so the compilation will be epic. Keep in mind that if you flunk your first NBT, you can always rewrite it later on… and by then, if all goes according to plan, we will have something for you to study from. So spread the word and get your mates involved, so that we can defeat the NBTs!

Reminder: To those of you who haven’t applied for varsity yet – get straight onto it! The sooner you apply, the greater your chances are of getting provisionally accepted, especially if you want to get into res.

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Results on the polls

  • 83% say yes to sex before marriage.
  • 17% say no to sex before marriage.
  • 50% agree that the death penalty should be brought back.
  • 33% agree, but only for repeat offenders.
  • 17% disagree.
  • 75% say that evolution has a place in SA education.

If you are feeling down after all the studying, watch this video on YouTube,  its the cutest thing you will ever see!