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One of the biggest problems Matrics have is figuring out what Matric pass they will get at the end of their Matric year. Now we offer an automatic calculator to work out your Matric pass symbol for you... Cool right??

Here is how it works: Firstly select your 7 subjects, secondly fill in the mark that you got for all your subjects; then click submit.We will email you all the information so that you can see if you fail or what type of Matric pass you got, and some awesome tips to improve. If your marks are good we will also submit your information to companies offering bursaries, universities and private colleges .

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Disclaimer: The Maxmatric team built this calculator according to the information given by the official Education Government website. We can’t be held liable for any mistakes we might have made with interpreting information. We would recommend to double check your Matric pass symbol with your school.