Witwatersrand University

Witwatersrand university (Wits)

Application fee: R100

Basic info

Commonly just called Wits, because Witwatersrand is just too long of a word. Their motto ’Scientia et Labore (Latin) ‘means ‘Through knowledge and work ‘. Established in 1896, Wits stands with a walking stick as one of the oldest and famous universities in South Africa and the world. Located on the world renowned city of Johannesburg. Wits has 5 campuses and more than 30 000 students. In 2010, Professor Lee Berger discovered Australopithecus sediba at the site. To visit their official website click here



It’s late on a Friday night at the wide streets of Johannesburg, one DJ rocking the stage, huge mega speakers everywhere blasting your eardrums off . That’ a Wits party for you. Watch the video below for some past parties highlights.